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Large warehousing capacity and lightning-fast packing. Our ultra-large distribution centers have low-cost storage space that makes warehousing cost-effective.

Warehousing solutions.

A big part of scaling an e-commerce business requires large warehousing and a reliable fulfillment operation. With Selery’s warehousing you’ll enjoy:

Climate controlled warehousing.

Our facility includes climate-controlled storage areas, so your temperature and humidity-sensitive items remain in top condition for as long as they remain at our facility. The temperature and humidity always remain the same, whether it is 110 degrees with 90% humidity or an ice storm is freezing over the area.

Selery’s climate-controlled warehouses are well-insulated and provide superior protection from weather, dust, and debris. We regularly measure warehouse humidity and keep it at the ideal level with dehumidifying technology. In addition, we control airflow through shelf and pallet layout and the use of ceiling strips around doors, which also keeps out dust and pests.

Common products that need climate-controlled storage:


Unbox your potential.

With Selery’s warehouse service, you get access to the latest warehouse management software (WMS) and much more.

Advanced Order

Selery provides the tools to take control of your stocks, so they stay in perfect synch with demand. With a few clicks, you can track inbound and outbound shipments, view SKUs, read descriptions, and manage merchandise. In addition, real-time inventory visibility provides up-to-the-minute reporting so that you can stay ahead of the curve.


With real-time visibility comes predictive analytics. Selery’s software allows you to forecast inventory with confidence . Our software provides real-time insights and AI recommendations on managing inventory predictions. Product demand goes through many phases. By forecasting demand, you prepare for the inevitable changes.


Our software equips you with market intelligence, such as what products are popular in specific areas, which result in frequent repurchases, and their lifetime value. In addition, you gain access to insights that can optimize your business, ranging from changes in consumer behavior to demand for specific SKUs.


When you are a Selery client, a dedicated customer service representative will answer your call 24/7. Your call receives the attention of an onsite customer service specialist who knows your account. A team handles your account, and you always have contact with that team. We coordinate operations on our end, so everything goes smoothly on your end.


At Selery, we always welcome our customers and potential customers to visit our facility. Our sales professionals are happy to take you on a tour and show you the Selery difference. Before hiring a fulfillment company, we always recommend a facility tour. This allows you to see operations, and ensure the facility is clean and has adequate storage.

Fulfillment options overview

The top 4 fulfillment options.

3PL Services

3PL (3rd party logistics) providers combine multiple logistics services. Selery Fulfillment combines storage, fulfillment, and shipping, saving clients time and money. Serve your customers. Simplify your operations. Scale your business.

Amazon FBA

Build your Amazon FBA e-commerce businesses with Selery’s Amazon FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant) seamless integration. From your end, the process is complete once your customer makes the purchase. Selery uses its integration with Amazon FBM to do the rest.


Drop-shipping allows retailers to sell products without maintaining inventory or shipping goods. Retailers hire an outside company to manufacture their products and ship them under the retailer’s brand. The outsourced manufacturer ships the product to us and we warehouse it until orders arrive. Then we fulfill and ship them under the drop-ship label.


Self-fulfillment is when a company handles all aspects of the fulfillment process itself. To do so, it needs warehousing, packing facilities, a shipping department, and freight contracts. This process is not recommended as it can drain a businesses time, resources, and money. With Selery, you sell it — we'll handle the rest.


You’re too busy for busy work.

With Selery there's no need to reinvent the wheel. Focus on what makes your company money and enjoy all these benefits:

Faster delivery time

Selery Fulfillment has the infrastructure in place to handle order fulfillment at lightning speed. Speed up deliver time, make more sales, and increase your revenue.

Improved business focus

Your core focus should be the core competencies that make your products great and help your company stand out, not busy work. Let Selery focus on the logistics while you focus on profit-producing activities.

Improve Scalability

Selery Fulfillment has the infrastructure to fulfill orders from the world’s largest retailers and overseas market ventures. Scale your business without fear of capacity limitations.

The best technology

At no extra cost, our clients enjoy the latest inventory management software that provides real-time inventory visibility, forecasting tools, network optimization, and data analytics.

Experienced team

Gain a team of the best in the fulfillment industry. Our team has the experience to know how to properly store products and properly package items to ensure they are well protected.

Avoid price shocks

With Selery’s global contracts and locked in costs, our clients are insulated from price shocks related to spikes in oil prices, commercial real estate, the labor market, and machinery.

Maximize growth, profit and revenue.

As a 3PL, Selery Fulfillment saves e-commerce companies on the costs of renting commercial space, packing and printing equipment, packaging supplies, maintenance, and other overhead expenses. Because of these cost savings, our clients can invest more into scaling their businesses. With Selery Fulfillment, costs are not only lower but also predictable. When companies must fulfill their own orders, the fluctuation of the retail sales market often result in gyrating costs. Selery Fulfillment solves this problem with a stable cost structure that allows clients to plan their spending according to predictable schedules.

Gain a competitive advantage with Selery.

Teaming up with Selery allows e-commerce companies to scale at a maximum rate without suffering from growing pains. Gain the ideal fulfillment experience that includes:

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Whether you’re an e-commerce store on Shopify, selling products through Amazon or a retail store looking to outsource order fulfillment, Selery’s warehouses are tailored to meet your unique needs.

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