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More Orders.

Less Stress.

Selery e-commerce fulfillment services are catered to your business to improve delivery speed and efficiency. 

What is e-commerce fulfillment?

Ecommerce fulfillment refers to the process of storing, picking, and packing goods purchased online. Few sellers possess the resources to store and ship products themselves, especially on tight schedules. The expense of renting or buying warehouse space, investment in machinery, and hiring a labor force make self-fulfillment a cost-prohibitive option. Selery handles all the logistics and more. All you have to think about is selling your products. We take care of the rest.

Why Selery?

Our logistics experts manage all types of orders, from subscription box fulfillment to food items. The Selery facility even contains climate-controlled storage space for temperature-sensitive products.

Our large-volume production facility enables our customers to save a tremendous amount of overhead by outsourcing to us. Selery aggregates the fulfillment of many customers into an efficient assembly line, providing lightning-fast ecommerce fulfillment lead times.

We also participate in rapid delivery networks for both independent sellers and sellers integrated with marketplace and e-commerce systems, such as Amazon, Shopify, eBay and many more.

The top reasons sellers work with us:


Serve. Simplify. Scale.

Fastest lead times in the business

Our quick turnarounds are due to organization, time management, and employee dedication. Selery stores customer products in segregated secure locations, making it easy to pick and pack the products as soon as the orders are received.

Revenue and sales increases

While creating great products is up to you, getting it delivered faster than the competition is up to Selery. By providing the logistics that get a beautifully packaged product into your customer’s hands, Selery helps you boost your ecommerce business revenue.

Less distraction from your business

Your core focus should be the core competencies that make your products great and help your company stand out, not busy work. Let Selery focus on the logistics prowess that makes us great while you focus on the core competencies that bring e-commerce fulfillment success.

Professional packaging design

When your customers receive your product, you want them to recognize your brand right away. That’s why Selery designs and prints professional packaging unique to your company.

Shipping options overview

The top 4 shipping options.

3PL Services

3PL providers combine multiple logistics services. Selery Fulfillment combines storage, fulfillment, and shipping, saving clients time and money. Serve your customers. Simplify your operations. Scale your business.

Amazon FBA

Build your Amazon FBA e-commerce businesses with Selery’s Amazon FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant) seamless integration. From your end, the process is complete once your customer makes the purchase. Selery uses its integration with Amazon FBM to do the rest.


Drop-shipping allows retailers to sell products without maintaining inventory or shipping goods. Retailers hire an outside company to manufacture their products and ship them under the retailer’s brand. The outsourced manufacturer ships the product to us and we warehouse it until orders arrive. Then we fulfill and ship them under the drop-ship label.


Self-fulfillment is when a company handles all aspects of the fulfillment process itself. To do so, it needs warehousing, packing facilities, a shipping department, and freight contracts. This process is not recommended as it can drain a businesses time, resources, and money. You sell it, we'll handle the rest.

The Process

Sold. Shipped. Same day.

Scaling your business has never been easier. As your logistics partner, we provide the best service for you and your customers, simplify the busy work, and set the stage for your business to scale successfully.


1. Setup

Connect your store, add your products, and send us your inventory.

2. Store

Store your products at any combination of our warehouses.

3. Ship

Once an order is placed, we ship it same day from the nearest warehouse.

How Selery's integrations work

You sell it. We handle the rest.

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1. An order is placed

Your customers order your product from an e-commerce or marketplace platform, such as Shopify or Wal-Mart Marketplace. Then Selery’s middleware system grabs the new orders and transfers them to the Selery warehouse. Middleware is software that links the e-commerce website with Selery’s internal IT system.

2. The order is picked

Our pickers go to your company’s designated storage area, pick products according to their SKUs, and deliver them to the packers. Quality control checks the orders for accuracy and the products for condition.

3. The order is packed & shipped

The packers pack the orders. Management ensures the packaging is damage-free. Selery ships the order. Our system automatically communicates tracking information and inventory levels to the Middleware. The middleware reports the data to the Cart/System. The process repeats as your business continues to scale.

Talk with an expert

Whether you’re an e-commerce store on Shopify, selling products through Amazon or a retail store looking to outsource order fulfillment, Selery’s warehouses are tailored to meet your unique needs.

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