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Can you accept orders via email?

Orders should be submitted into Shiphero so we can best manage your inventory. If you would like to send an email for large pallet or FBA orders that is perfectly acceptable, we do ask that it also be entered into Shiphero.

What if an order is mis-shipped?

In the rare case that an order is mis-shipped Selery will cover the return cost and would not charge you the pick/pack and shipping fee. You should not have to pay for our mistake.

Can a marketing insert or flyer be added to my orders?

Yes, please contact us directly for pricing and specific requirements – We’d be happy to help.

What shipping carriers does Selery use?

We use FedEx, UPS, USPS, and DHL. We want to save you money any way we can.

Does the order processing and pick/pack fees include shipping?

It does not. We would send you a monthly invoice with the reduced shipping charges.

Do you handle returns?

Yes. Once we receive your return we will process it like a regular order. We will check over each return and let you know via email when a return has arrived within 24-48 hours. We can either discard, restock or put the item aside to send back to you.

Are visits to your warehouse allowed?

Yes, of course. It’s your stuff. The only thing we ask is 24 hour notice before stopping by.

Does Selery offer inventory insurance for my products?

No, we cannot legally insure product that we do not own. You would need to add our warehouse as a secondary location.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

No, you can cancel at any time.

How does your FBA process work?
  1. Have your products shipped directly to our Dallas warehouse.​
  2. Provide us with your FBA shipment information and any additional information needed to​
  3. We prep, label, package and ship your products directly to Amazon FBA.
Do you have daily pickups?

Yes. We have daily pickups with USPS, UPS, DHL and FedEx.

What is your order cutoff time?

We typically offer a cutoff time of 12pm (noon) CST, but we’re open and willing to adjust accordingly to fit your business.

How fast can you prep and ship my items to Amazon?

On average, all items are prepped and ready to ship to Amazon within 8-72 hours (depending on the size of prep needed).

Do you ship my orders out same-day?

If your orders are in before noon Monday thru Friday they will ship same day. Otherwise orders will ship on the next business day.

Can I ship my items to your warehouse?

Yes. You can ship your items directly to us via freight or mail. We accept International shipments, as well., but all customs and fees will need to be paid.

Integrating with ShipHero

We want to make your experience a seamless, fully automated, and simple. We use ShipHero, which seamlessly integrates with almost every online shopping cart (including eBay, Amazon, Shopify, Woo, BigCommerce, and many others.)​The setup process is extremely simple. After signing up we send you a form to signup (username and password) after that you would just need to attach the marketplace or store you’re selling on. A member of the team will send you easy to follow instructions on connecting your store.

Who’s responsible for taxes and import duties?

All customs, taxes and duties charges related to your inbound Inventory must be paid in full (Delivered Duty Paid / DDP) prior to arrival.

How will I know when my inventory runs low?

The software we use will automatically notify you when your inventory runs low. Easily set alerts from your ShipHero dashboard.

Do you require products to have labels, UPCs or barcodes?

We do require that every product have a unique SKU and barcode. Items need to be barcoded before arriving. If you’re unable to barcode your products Selery will barcode products for you at an hourly rate.

What additional services does Selery offer?

Returns……….Ask for quote​
FBA prep……….Ask for quote
​​Kitting……….Ask for quote​
Barcoding……….Ask for quote (no cost if products have some type of barcode before arriving)​
Real-time inventory……….Ask for quote
​Receiving containers……….Ask for quote​
Customized boxes……….Ask for quote​
Customer service (chat, phone, email support)…. Ask for quote
Handwritten notes……….Ask for quote
​​Inserts/Stickers……….Ask for quote

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