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Our partnership with leading e-commerce technology solutions and agencies makes it easy for you to serve more customers, simplify your workflow, and scale your business.

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Selery partners directly with the following platforms and marketplaces to streamline order fulfillment for your business.


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Streamline Shopify order fulfillment.

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A single platform for all your commerce.

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The perfect platform selling in Norway.

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Automate BigCommerce order fulfillment.

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Scale WooCommerce order fulfillment.


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Fulfill Amazon orders seamlessly.

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Automate Ebay order fulfillment.

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Optimize Etsy order fulfillment.

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Google Shopping

Fulfill Google Shopping order fulfillment.

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Streamline Walmart order fulfillment.

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Whether you’re an e-commerce store on Shopify, selling products through Amazon or a retail store looking to outsource order fulfillment, Selery’s warehouses are tailored to meet your unique needs.

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Sell Your Products on Shopify and Ship Them With Selery

More than a million of the world’s most successful brands trust Shopify to sell and process payments around the world. Together with Selery, you can create the customer experience you want with end-to-end control – from checkout to front door. Sell your products on Shopify, manage your inventory and ship with Selery – it’s just that simple.

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Leverage the Power of Adobe Commerce and Magento 2 to Power Your Brand

With the backing of Adobe, Magento 2 is a full-service solution that offers more than just a storefront. Magento 2 comes with the extra features that set your store apart, including access to Live Chat, easy integration with Amazon for extra selling options and more. Add Selery to the mix, and you’ve got an eCommerce recipe for ultimate success.

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An eCommerce Presence in Norway with 1,600+ Online Stores

For selling in Norway, is the perfect eCommerce platform. With this integration you have the power to reach Norwegian consumers. Use to create a turnkey online store, manage orders and create a streamlined order and shipping experience for customers in Norway and beyond.

big commerce logo

Commit to eCommerce for a New Era with BigCommerce

Like other large eCommerce platforms, BigCommerce gives you the tools you need to sell, while integrating with Selery to give you the tools you need to complete the selling process. They offer marketing support to help you grow as well. A direct integration with BigCommerce means getting started with just one-click.

woocommerce logo

eCommerce Expertise Leads the Way to eCommerce Success

WooCommerce keeps its focus on the customer, giving them the tools they need to truly succeed. Whether just starting out as an eCommerce retailer or moving a brick and mortar operation to the web, WooCommerce works with emerging and established brands on their road to success. Selery supports this mission of working with brands who need a little extra push to get them selling like eCommerce pros.

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Combine Amazon’s Brand with Selery’s Shipping Solutions

Amazon has become one of the most recognized names in eCommerce. Like other large platforms, Amazon’s Seller Central gives you the tools you need to sell, while integrating with Selery to give you the tools you need to complete the selling process. They also offer the backing of an online marketplace that is visited by millions of people every day.

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Combine eBay’s Brand with ShipHero’s Shipping Solutions

When the Internet was new, eBay was there. A seller’s marketplace that made it easy for individuals to clean out their attics, eBay has grown over the past 30 years to become a major eCommerce retailer, complete with a marketplace platform that small and large brands have embraced. Selery makes it even easier for eBay Marketplace retailers to fulfill their orders and keep customers happy.

etsy logo

The Ultimate Etsy Side Hustle Site is Now Big Business

It may have started with handmade jewelry and crocheted wall hangings, but Etsy’s Seller community has exploded with big and small sellers looking to share their work with the world. Etsy uses its handmade, homemade image to promote the fact that anyone can be successful. 

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It’s Not Just a Verb, It’s a Shopping Platform

Google has become so ubiquitous, it’s a verb and a noun. But Google is now also a merchant solution with a marketplace option that manages orders. By using Google, Google Merchants are able to reach millions of people every day. Selery’s warehouse management software (WMS) integrates seamlessly with Google Shopping allowing you to combine the reach of Google with the power of Selery.

walmart logo

Leverage Walmart’s Reach to Grow Your eCommerce Business

Walmart is a world-renowned retailer with unbelievable reach. Members of Walmart’s Seller Marketplace can leverage that reach, and the Walmart brand name, by using its marketplace to sell your products. This provides a quick and painless way to get your items in front of millions of potential customers.

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