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your vision.

From storage, picking, kitting, packaging, and shipping, order fulfillment services can help take care of the logistics of your business.

What are order fulfillment services?

Order fulfillment is an umbrella term that refers to a variety of services such as, kitting, e-commerce fulfillment, shipping, warehousing, and product storage.

Consider order fulfillment services as your partner when it comes to logistics for your business. From moving products, picking them, packaging them, and shipping them, an order fulfillment service will manage it all. This means that you can continue working on your business stress-free, knowing that your products are going to get where they need to go.

Types of fulfillment services:

What happens at an order fulfillment center?

When linked with an e-commerce store, your orders will directly come through to our warehouse’s internal system. From there, the warehouse staff begins picking the ordered products and moving them to the packaging station. Once all the products have been checked, they’ll be packaged by our expert team. Then we’ll hand them off to our shipping carriers. In a matter of hours from receiving the order, your products will be well on their way.

What are the benefits of order fulfillment services?

Location-based services

With our fulfillment centers spread out across the map, you’ll be able to ship to the other side of the nation at much faster shipping times than shipping orders from your one location.

Optimize your business

Contracting an order fulfillment service frees you up to focus on improving your business. Develop new product ideas, create marketing campaigns, and gain more customers. More customers means more money back into your pocket.

Product stock insight

With the latest software, you’ll be able to track stock levels on all your product, get notifications if stock is running low, and check in on an order to see where in the process it currently is.

Same-day guarantees

When your customer makes a purchase, our team is available around the clock to ensure your orders are shipped within 24-hours of your customer clicking ‘Purchase’. 

Shipping rate discounts

Our partnership with FedEx, UPS, USPS, and DHL, provides you with shipping discounts that puts more money back in your pocket.

Assurance policies

Selery uses advanced technology for tracking client products at all times — ensuring no item is misplaced or sent to the wrong place.


We provide complete transparency when it comes to your products. Clients can access our online systems to see the location and status of their products or visit our facilities in person.

Flexible pricing

We offer flexible pricing based on business type and quantity. As your business grows, you’ll easily be able to adjust and find a deal that works perfectly for your business.

Account manager

Every business we work with gets a highly experienced account manager to manage their products. Directly message your account manager any time you need assistance.

How to choose an order fulfillment center.

There are several criteria that we, at Selery, recommend you think about before committing to a warehouse.

Add Inventory
with Ease

Without an easy way of getting your product to an order fulfillment service, you’ll be hard-pressed to ship anything at all. That’s why we make it easy for you to ship your product directly to us. We’ll handle unloading, unpacking, and will then store the product at its optimum temperature.

Ordering System

Part of the magic of order fulfillment services is that we make your shipping process completely automated. The moment you receive an order, our integrated routing ordering system will deliver us the order information. Our system integrates with: Shopify, Woo-commerce, Magento, Amazon, and many more.

of Data

At Selery, we make sure that your product data is always up to date. By logging into our online portal, you’ll be able to see a real-time inventory breakdown that informs you on what items are low in stock, which are flying off the racks, and which have already run out.

Fits with
Your Products

Many fulfillment services focus on only a few parts of the logistics process. At Selery, we do it all. We accommodate e-commerce, subscription boxes, FBA prep, and more. We even allow you to add marketing materials to your packages for free. Choose an order fulfillment center that can handle all your fulfillment needs.


At Selery, we manage the entire return process for you. Your customer will be able to send their package directly back to our warehouses. From there, we’ll assess the product for potential damages. If it’s still viable, we’ll then replace the product on the shelves, making sure your business doesn’t lose a cent.

High Accuracy
and Speed

Without accuracy and speed, a fulfillment center is useless. You want to make sure that the fulfillment center that you partner with has a fantastic track record. At Selery, we’re proud of our 99.96% accuracy rating, demonstrating the excellence of our service. We move thousands of orders every week with minimal errors.


When considering an order fulfillment service, it’s important to know where their warehouses are based. You want a shipping service that has an optimal position in relation to where your customers are. With Selery’s global network of locations, you can scale your business nation wide or even international. 

When is it time to outsource fulfillment?

If you’re thinking about scaling your business by using a fulfillment service, these key markers will tell you it’s time:

Talk with an expert

Whether you’re an e-commerce store on Shopify, selling products through Amazon or a retail store looking to outsource order fulfillment, Selery’s warehouses are tailored to meet your unique needs.

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