E-commerce warehousing and fulfillment services.

Large warehousing capacity and lightning-fast packing. Our ultra-large Texas distribution center has low-cost storage space that makes warehousing cost-effective.

Speed Is Our Passion, Quality Our Creed

Ecommerce companies live and die by their ability to produce products that delight customers and deliver them faster than the competition. Of course, in the age of Amazon Prime, beating the competition requires rapid fulfillment. But, just as importantly, merchandise must be packed to prevent breakage, minimize transit costs, and foster a positive and memorable brand image.

We employ a team of packaging engineers who boast thousands of hours of experience designing shipping containers. Their creations protect every type of material, ensuring tough  metal products arrive without scuffs or dents and fragile china never cracks. Returns drain ecommerce retailers, and Selery ensures its clients never suffer them due to breakage.

Shipping costs eat into ecommerce margins like moths, nibbling bits at a time. To alleviate this effect, Selery’s packaging engineers create space-efficient shipping solutions. Oversized boxes result in additional transportation costs and breakage. When Selery fulfills your orders, you benefit from the smallest shipping footprint and the tight packaging that keeps contents secure.

Looks matter. A battered and sloppily taped box creates a poor impression. In addition, packaging that is a struggle to open causes frustration for all who must raid their kitchen drawers for implements and pry them open.

Selery ensures that packages both look crisp and open easily. Rather than a plain box or one with Selery’s name written on it, we print our client’s name and logo on shipping packages with ink that pops. Presentation and functionality are just as important as speed, and with Selery, our clients get all three.

Warehousing and fulfillment solutions for e-commerce companies.

Many times, we hear the terms warehousing and fulfillment used interchangeably. Though Selery provides both services, they are two distinct lines of business. In the strict sense, warehousing refers to the storage of products. That’s it. Large companies often have their own warehouses, while smaller ones almost always find it more cost-effective to store their wares at a third-party location.

Selery provides warehousing for its clients at rates far more competitive than other fulfillment houses. We can offer these savings because of our giant Texas location with lots of space for your merchandise. Our facility also includes climate-controlled storage areas, so your temperature and humidity-sensitive items remain in top condition for as long as they remain at our facility.

Fulfillment involves much more than the simple storage of products. It refers to managing the entire ordering and shipping process from A to Z. You ship your merchandise to Selery, and we do all the rest for a fraction of the cost of self-fulfillment.

How is it possible to provide this service at a lower cost than ecommerce companies can do it themselves?

Because fulfillment is what we do, our fulfillment service is already well-tuned and running like a champ. We have the staff, space, machinery, expertise, and economies of scale. Your orders are packaged and shipped on an already flowing assembly line along with hundreds of other ecommerce shippers. Since so many parties share the overhead, Selery can offer low prices that add huge percentage points to our customers’ margins.

Climate controlled warehousing

At Selery, we pride ourselves on products arriving on customers’ doorsteps in perfect condition. Well-engineered packaging is an integral part of this achievement, but storage conditions are an often overlooked component of excellence in fulfillment. For this reason, Selery ensures products are in perfect condition when picked.

Why does my company need climate controlled warehousing?

Some merchandise suffers if exposed to high heat, frigid temperatures, or lots of humidity. Selery safeguards these weather-sensitive products in our climate-controlled warehouses. These warehouses take unpredictability out of the equation. The temperature and humidity always remain the same, whether it is 110 degrees with 90% humidity or an ice storm has barreled down on the fulfillment warehouse.

Selery’s climate-controlled warehouses are well-insulated and provide superior protection from the weather, dust, and debris. In addition, we use heating and cooling elements to keep temperatures uniform to provide the best warehousing and fulfillment service.

In addition to temperature regulation, during our fulfillment process we constantly measure warehouse humidity and keep it at the ideal level through dehumidifying and humidifier technology. In addition, we control airflow through shelf and pallet layout and the use of ceiling strips around doors, which also keeps out dust and pests.

Many types of products need climate-controlled storage, such as the following:
Beauty products 
Liquids home furnishings 
Products with adhesives 
Electronics metal products

Fight Humidity and Heat With Our Climate Controlled Warehouses
Out warehouse operation takes temperature and humidity into account. Excessive humidity destroys many products. For example, if you take your music with you on a jog or bike ride on hot, humid days, you’ve probably had a few players start to blare distorted music before giving up the ghost because of the jungle-like conditions. Imagine the return rate on such weather-sensitive merchandise if stored in humid conditions.

Because of this, many types of merchandise have recommended levels of humidity for storage, such as the following:
Paintings & fine arts - 50%
Fabrics - 55%
Papers - 35%
Electronics - 60%
Metals - 55%
Wine - 50 to 80%
Wooden items - 30 to 50%

If you need to store your product in a cool, dry place (or a hot, wet one), Selery Ecommerce Fulfillment has the warehouse for you.

Fulfillment solutions for e-commerce companies

Stiff competition defines the ecommerce space. Since customers can order from anywhere in the world, online entrepreneurs must fight harder for name recognition, five-star reviews, and search engine rankings. Also, a big part of growing an ecommerce business revolves around automation, fast delivery times, attractive prices, which no ecommerce seller can offer without an efficient and 100% reliable fulfillment operation. All businesses must generate revenue that exceeds their expenses to survive in the long term. The best operations find ways to reduce costs and boost sales without compromising the quality of their products, the effectiveness of their customer service, or the speed of their delivery.

How can ecommerce sellers slash operating expenses while enhancing customer experience?
Selery is here to warehouse your merchandise, fulfill orders, provide inventory management system tools, inventory storage, trucking, logistics, design and print packaging, keep fulfillment costs down, and provide the 24/7 customer service needed so you can compete with the big brands.

Selery's fulfillment capabilities runs with razor-sharp efficiency, allowing us to streamline processes that self-fulfillers must create from scratch. A bulky and costly fulfillment operation for a single company is, for Selery, as simple as locking in another piece of a puzzle.

What leads to superior ROI?
Satisfied customers!

Happy customers become your best brand advocates! Their five-star reviews and word of mouth build your brand into a name people trust. They also tend to provide repeat business that keeps the orders flowing like clockwork. 

What Kind of Order Fulfillment Services is Right for Your Company?
Excellent business people do business with other excellent businesspeople. Winners gravitate to winners.

Billionaire entrepreneur and investor Mark Cuban is both a customer and investor in Selery Fulfillment. When you buy his brand, he relies on Selery Fulfillment to deliver. He understands that his brand name depends on the partners he chooses, and he chose us.

The perfect order fulfillment company

Why do our clients love us? Our dedication to customer satisfaction, which starts with providing our clients access to the latest warehouse management software (WMS), instant access to a live customer service specialist, and an efficiently running plant our clients are welcome to tour at any time.

WMS Software
WMS software enhances the fulfillment experience in a variety of ways:

Advanced Order Management
You manage your inventory, or it manages you. Selery provides its clients with the tools to take control of their stocks, so they stay in perfect synchronicity with demand. With a few clicks, you can track inbound and outbound shipments, view SKUs, read descriptions, and manage merchandise. In addition, real-time inventory visibility provides up-to-the-minute reporting so that you can stay ahead of the curve. Acquiring advanced order management systems is a significant capital expenditure. Selery has already made that investment, so we can offer it to our clients as part of our economic package. We live in a digital world, and Selery Fulfillment gives its clients a digital edge.

Forecasting Tools
With real-time visibility comes predictive analytics. Selery’s software allows you to forecast inventory with confidence and make stockouts and overflow emergencies nightmares of the past. Our software provides real-time insights and AI recommendations on managing inventory and predicting its upcoming ebbs and flows. Like the stock market, demand for many products goes through phases. By forecasting demand, you prepare for the inevitable changes.

Our analytics offerings go beyond inventory forecasting. Using our software, you can gain market intelligence, such as what products are popular in specific areas, which result in frequent repurchases, and their lifetime value. In addition, you gain access to insights that can optimize your business, ranging from changes in consumer behavior to demand for specific SKUs.

Dedicated Representatives
Imagine an emergency strikes, and you need to reach your fulfillment partner. Perhaps an unexpected rush order just arrived, or a storm delayed your product on its way to the warehouse. When you are a Selery client, a dedicated customer service representative will answer your call 24/7. No voicemail. No offsite call center located across the ocean. Your call receives the attention of an onsite customer service specialist who knows your account.

At Selery, your business is never just a number. A team handles your account, and you always have contact with that team. We coordinate operations on our end, so everything goes smoothly on your end.

Come and See for Yourself
In business, we believe that the proof is in the pudding. Anyone can talk, but not all can back it up. At Selery, we fulfill our pledge of excellence every day. For that reason, we always welcome our customers and potential customers to visit our facility. Our sales professionals are happy to take you on a tour and show you the Selery difference.In the fulfillment business, seeing is believing. Before hiring a fulfillment company, we always recommend insisting on a facility visit and tour. This allows you to see how the company operates, ensure the facility is clean and has the storage options you need, and meet the team responsible for placing your product in the consumer’s hands.

In addition, we love to show off our packaging and printing experts. These professionals design the custom packaging that protects your product while also creating the impression that keeps your brand’s name in people’s minds. We provide beautifully designed boxes, kits, subscription boxes, and more that are printed with pazzazz. With Selery, your product arrives in a package that is a cut above the rest. We’d love to show you how we do it!

Fulfillment options

We are a proud member of the 3PL community! 3PLs are logistics companies that make ecommerce possible. Without 3PLs, each ecommerce seller would need their own warehouse, fulfillment workers, machinery, packaging supplies, printers, and shipping network. The cost of such an operation is prohibitive for all but the largest retailers. 3PL is short for 3rd party logistics. Specifically, it refers to companies that provide warehousing, fulfillment, and shipping services, as does Selery Fulfillment. Some 3PLs, such as Selery, offer additional services, including package design, printing, kitting, subscription boxes, and special projects. If you have a unique need, just ask Selery!

In addition, since ecommerce orders come from around the globe, sellers need a logistics network that first stretches across the nation and then crosses international frontiers. Selery already has a global supply chain in place. We can enter our customers into its flow with a few keystrokes. 

Many of our clients are dropshippers. Dropshippers contract with outside sources to manufacture products. Often, Selery acts as the 3PL for these contract-manufactured products.

For example, Company A hires a manufacturer in China to make its plastic action figures, which are destined to be sold as an eCommerce item in the United States. Since Company A does not have a fulfillment operation, the manufacturer ships the completed product to Selery. We then warehouse the action figures and fulfill the orders as they arrive.

Amazon FBA
Our approach to integration can be summed up in one word: Seamless. Our Amazon FBA system is already humming along, just like our shipping network. If you own an Amazon storefront, all you need to do is plug into the Selery system, and voila! You have an integrated fulfillment operation. This integration gives you access to our warehousing, packaging, printing, packing, and shipping services. Why stress over fulfillment operations when our Amazon FBA makes it so simple?

The costs of running a self-fulfillment operation are staggering, including big-ticket items like these:

Commercial real estate lease or purchase
Capital investment in depreciating equipment
Hiring, training, and compensating staff
Gaining expertise in fulfillment processes
Purchasing packaging materials
Engineering packages for form and function
Shipping contracts
Workers’ compensation insurance

It’s also challenging to fund a 24/7 operation. However, Selery already has the staff and operational depth to run all the time, allowing us to pump out orders and adjust to seasonal changes, such as the large increase in orders leading up to the holidays. But as a Selery customer, you don’t have to worry about any of that. We take care of

Major Benefits...

In addition to cost savings and satisfied customers, Selery clients gain the following benefits:

Improved Business Focus
As an ecommerce business owner or manager, you know what it’s like to juggle several responsibilities, such as sourcing supplies, managing marketing campaigns, negotiating contracts, and developing new products. These are key components of your business, and you must do them well. Adding a fulfillment operation to this list only distracts from these profit-producing activities.

As the old business maxim says, by trying to do everything, you end up doing nothing well, but outsourcing your fulfillment needs to Selery, you free your company from tasks like storage, packaging, and delivery, keeping the focus on brand development, product enhancement, and profit growth.

Access to the Best Technology
Using off-the-shelf inventory management software is like drinking instant coffee when you could have a barista-prepared latte for a lower price! Most companies that do their own fulfillment are limited to cookie-cutter technology solutions, placing them at a disadvantage. Customizable inventory management software allows for seamless integrations and helps ecommerce platforms expand their businesses.

Selery provides clients with the latest inventory management software that supplies order management with real-time inventory visibility, forecasting tools, network optimization, and data analytics.

Faster Delivery Time = Increased Sales
When you deliver fast, customers re-order. In addition, your company gains a reputation for fast delivery times. This results in more sales and revenue.

No Reinventing the Wheel
Focus on what makes your company money, not hiring people to handle menial shipping tasks.

Improve Scalability
Too often, ecommerce players become victims of their success. As sellers scale, orders may surpass their ability to fulfill them, resulting in a panicked rush to get new inventory out the door that costs extra labor, expedited shipping costs, and disappointing delivery times.

With Selery Fulfillment, your company will never experience these setbacks. Our center has already scaled to handle fulfillment orders from the world’s largest retailers. Adding your next sales bump to our constantly flowing operation is no sweat for us. We’ll pick, pack, and ship orders the day of, so you can keep focused on increasing sales without fear of running into capacity limitations. In addition, many ecommerce companies have ambitions of entering foreign markets but lack the operational infrastructure, which requires substantial investment. Selery Fulfillment already has the infrastructure in place to service overseas markets, so our clients are free to pursue success wherever it can be found.

Benefit from Experience
The fulfillment business is its own animal. Excellence is obtained through long experience. For example, the organization of warehouses greatly impacts the efficiency of the operation. In addition, products made of certain materials must be stored in proper conditions. Packaging must be designed to protect products in addition to having an appealing appearance.

Selery employs the best of the fulfillment trade, so our customers can rely on us to get the job done while they develop their next market-beating SKU.

Avoid Price Shocks
Ecommerce relies on the transportation sector, and the transportation sector relies on fuel (at least until they invent a self-energizing engine). For now, we still rely on fossil fuels, and that means an ecommerce company’s entire financial model can be upended by the next spike in oil prices.

Selery Fulfillment insulates its customers from this risk. We have long-term shipping contracts with multiple carriers stretching across the globe. These allow us to lock in costs, so we can continue providing economic fulfillment services despite the vagaries of the oil and gas markets.

In addition, Selery customers are insulated from price shocks related to commercial real estate, the labor market, and machinery. Imagine having to manage rising costs for warehouse space, wages, and equipment? That’s a recipe for cutting margins down to the nub. With Selery, you enjoy fixed costs that keep your business in the black.

Maximize growth, profit and revenue

As a 3PL, Selery Fulfillment saves ecommerce companies on the costs of renting commercial space, packing and printing equipment, packaging supplies, maintenance, and other overhead expenses. Because of these cost savings, our clients can invest more in expanding their businesses, a key competitive advantage. With Selery Fulfillment, costs are not only lower but also predictable. When companies must fulfill their own orders, the peaks and valleys of the retail sales market often result in gyrating costs. Selery Fulfillment solves this problem with a stable cost structure that allows clients to plan their spending according to predictable schedules.

Gain a competitive advantage with Selery.

Without a fulfillment operation able to scale on a dime, Ecommerce companies remain limited. The greatest marketing ideas, highest quality product, and most respected brand name cannot translate into revenue and profitability growth unless orders can be fulfilled without fail and in a shorter time than the competition. Teaming with Selery Fulfillment allows Ecommerce companies to expand at the maximum rate possible without suffering from growing pains that lead to slow deliveries, broken merchandise, and tarnished brand image.

Selery Fulfillment offers the ideal customer shipping experience with efficient processes, climate-controlled warehouses, expert fulfillment centers, and top-notch customer service. We give your company a competitive edge. Customers enjoy the rapid deliveries, beautiful and functional packaging, and attentive customer service. Today’s consumer wants the instant gratification of s

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Whether you’re an e-commerce store on Shopify, selling products through Amazon or a retail store looking to outsource order fulfillment. Selery's warehouses are tailored to meet your businesses unique needs.