Subscription Box Fulfillment by SELERY

Selery subscription box fulfillment services are tailored for subscription companies to improve the speed and efficiency of your deliveries! Your subscription box establishes your brand identity. When it arrives on your customer’s doorstep, it must inspire the “wow” factor. As such, your subscription box company needs the right fulfillment partner to deliver your orders quickly and efficiently.

Fast and accurate subscription box fulfillment for all your customers orders.

At Selery Fulfillment, we print, package, and deliver visually striking subscription boxes that your customers look forward to receiving. Subscription box fulfillment is an essential part of our order fulfillment business.

A lot goes into subscription box fulfillment. Similar to kitting, it requires the space, the technology, and the can-do attitude that ships a thousand gorgeous boxes in an afternoon. It takes an eye for detail and operational excellence.

Selery has the infrastructure in place to handle subscription box fulfillment. It has the logistics professionals and workforce to turn around your subscription box orders faster than any other fulfillment company. Why? Because this is our business, and we do it so well that Mark Cuban of Shark Tank has partnered with us for his fulfillment needs and given Selery his endorsement.

If you are considering a subscription box fulfillment provider, you want to work with Selery because we specialize in this niche. When you work with us, you enjoy many benefits:

- Custom branded packaging
- A modern subscription box fulfillment center
- Automated order fulfillment
- Order fulfillment
- Online inventory management systems
- Savings that have a meaningful effect on your margins
- 3PL Fulfillment

Custom branded packaging

When your customers receive your subscription box, they should feel like a kid on Christmas morning. The gift they’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. From the moment they see your subscription box, they should be unable to resist tearing it open. Selery's custom packaging is designed to generate excitement and build your brand.

Modern fulfillment center

Not many companies have the warehouse space, workforce, and machinery needed to process large subscription box orders. So Selery’s modern fulfillment center uses state-of-the-art equipment to automate much of the process, allowing fast lead times and 100% accuracy. Plus, we print beautiful boxes that literally shine.

At Selery, we really take pride in our fulfillment center. Our modern fulfillment center is just one of the ways we set ourselves apart from the competition. When you partner with us, you can rest assured that you're working with the best in the business.

Inventory management

Imagine a world where you have an accurate count of every item in your store at all times. You can plan for demand, accurately track inventory levels and know what's coming through the door before it arrives!

This is Selery Inventory Management - providing peace-of-mind to retailers everywhere. We provide forecasting tools to help optimize their supply chain while reducing risk caused by missed orders due stockouts (or too much stock). With our innovative approach we make sure there are no surprises during busy seasons; helping businesses stay afloat during tough economic times.

Our technology infrastructure allows clients to manage inventory from our portal, and we provide it at no extra cost! By contracting with Selery, you save yourself from the inventory guessing game.

Selery makes your subscription box company more profitable.

As much as your business is your passion, you must make a profit to survive and thrive. Bottom line: the numbers need to make sense for your subscription box business to be viable. Outsourcing your ecommerce fulfillment will reduce shipping cost, decrease delivery time, reduce customer service complaints, and increase profitability of your ecommerce business. Like an episode of Shark Tank, there must be a financial analysis that proves your subscription box model can turn a profit.

The monumental cost would quickly outweigh the profit if you had to invest in all the labor, technology, and space needed for an efficient fulfillment operation.

Selery has already invested in creating an efficient fulfillment operation. Because this is our business and we run such a tight ship, we can offer our services at a lower cost than our competitors.

When you work with Selery, your margins increase. That’s why we have such a large client list, and that’s why a Shark Tank superstar has invested his money with us. Our business model puts money in our customers’ pockets, and that’s a model that will always be in demand.

The process

From the perspective of Selery clients, their subscription box orders are fulfilled as if by magic. But behind the scenes, a lot of effort goes into the process. We have plenty of integrations with major online sales platforms so that we can automate your subscription box fulfillment even more!

When you place your subscription box order, it immediately enters our queue. To ensure we can fulfill your order immediately, we keep an inventory of your branded subscription boxes. Your product is stored in its own location, not intermixed with other customer’s goods. This allows us to pick and pack your subscription boxes more efficiently. It gets a little busy in our warehouse, but that’s because we are a fast-paced organization that prides itself on quick turnarounds.

Once your orders are packed, they must pass our quality control. We understand that the box bearing your brand is your image, so all boxes must pass our rigorous inspection: high print quality, flawless appearance, packed to create a positive visual image when opened. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. Our customers and your customers are the most important part of our business!

If you choose to include marketing collateral inside (a free service at Selery), we ensure it looks stunning and is prominently displayed. Selery custom packaging and our marketing team can make your product really stand out. Imagine your customer opening your company’s subscription box package to be amazed by the beautiful packaging, pamphlets, and material inside.

Large warehouse. Safe storage.

When you work hard to create a product, it's natural that your first concern is how best protect the thing YOU love.

 Selery takes pride in providing innovative solutions for all types of products so they can thrive long past their shipment date!

We have the space to accommodate any size subscription box fulfillment orders. Part of our success comes from always having additional space available. If you have products that need special storage conditions, such as air conditioning, we can also accommodate those needs.

Security is 24/7 at Selery. All products are stored in our locked facility that is protected by our security systems. Any unauthorized entrance to our facility triggers an immediate alarm. In addition, we insure our facility and the products stored inside against damage from natural disasters and other catastrophic events. That means less worry for you.


Selery’s services are in demand because we put money into our client’s pockets. Our shipping contracts provide another opportunity to enhance our customer’s margins.

In Carrolton, Texas, we are a huge shipping customer. As a result, we enjoy purchasing power. This allows us to obtain the lowest rates. In addition, by grouping products together, we save time (faster fulfillment) and money (lower freight rates), which means our customers enjoy short lead times and competitive pricing.

What are the cons of fulfilling subscription box fulfillment orders yourself?

Fulfilling subscription box orders is no easy task. You have to manage the inventory, shipping and handling of each item while also taking into account customer service fees that can quickly add up if you're not careful! Plus there are all those pesky returns which will take time out of your already tight schedule- we know how busy life gets sometimes…

Here are a few headaches companies have to deal with when they ship their own products:
- Sourcing box printing
- Hiring labor to meet temporary demand surges
- Storing inventory
- Providing security for products
- Paying higher freight rates
- Processing returns
- Stress!

Nix the stress with Selery Fulfillment.

We’ve got the facility, the technology, the staff, and the experience. Subscription Box Fulfillment is what we do. Why stress about meeting subscription box orders when Selery Fulfillment can make the process so easy and so much less expensive.

Our philosophy is that our clients are partners. When we help their business succeed, we succeed. Our people treat your subscription box program as if it is their own. That’s what makes us different from other subscription box fulfillment companies.

Mark Cuban is a savvy businessperson, and when he saw the can-do attitude, operational excellence, and ease of doing business provided by Selery, he partnered with us. The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well here. We are not a bureaucratic organization that moves at a snail’s pace. Instead, we are fast-paced people who built a business based on serving our customers and helping them succeed. We take pride in our subscription box fulfillment services, and we would love to speak with you about partnering with Selery Fulfillment!

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