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Selery Fulfillment Services provides a variety of services relating to all types of fulfillment, exporting, importing, logistics, and warehousing.

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"Selery has great technology and people."

Mark Cuban, Selery Client & Dallas Investor

Mark Cuban and Selery Fulfillment Dallas

"They are just friendly and kind people, which goes a long way."

Adam G.

Selery Fulfillment customer service

We help growing e-commerce businesses with order fulfillment so they can focus on what they do best.

Our team provides a variety of services relating to all facets of logistics, including the transportation, storage, and flow of goods, customer services, and information within our customers’ overall supply chain.

Selery Fulfillment Services provides its customers a best in class system for shipping to both B2C and B2B customers, thus allowing customers access to the nation’s top solutions.

Save thousands

Save thousands of dollars every month by removing the inconveniences and costs of warehouse space, shipping and labor.

99.96% Accuracy

Improve transit times, shipping costs, and the delivery experience for your customers.

Premier service

White glove customer service. One dedicated representative, live chat, phone support, weekly sales and inventory reports.
Kitting and bundling service in Dallas, Texas

Kitting and bundling

Kitting and Assembly offers several excellent benefits for our customers. It is extremely useful as it enables our customers the ability to offer more SKUs by combining items that are usually ordered together.
subscription box fulfillment in Dallas, Texas

Same-day fulfillment

Personalized, convenient  and same-day multi-channel order fulfillment. Our fulfillment centers are located in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, and all completed orders will be shipped out within 24 hours.

Real-time inventory

Know what’s in stock in real time - track inventory quantities across your channels and warehouses from one location. Use views to quickly see what products are available, running low, or awaiting to be replenished.
fulfillment warehouse

Dedicated Chicago account and warehouse managers

Our expertise in e-commerce fulfillment, reverse logistics and transportation is the backbone of our success as a third-party logistics company. We have shipped over 15 million e-commerce packages, established numerous warehouses throughout the United States and have provided best in class fulfillment services since 1999.

We’ve even extended this approach into our customer support lines, with every single partner getting their very own dedicated account manager for the best e-commerce fulfillment and shipping experience possible. These individuals will learn the ins and outs of your business, making sure that they’re up to date on what sort of products you sell, as well as the customer markets that you’re targeting.

End-to-end fulfillment provider with pre-built integrations.

One of the advanced features of Selery that puts us above our competition is our wide range of e-commerce integrations. We understand that e-commerce and 3PL fulfillment industry is huge, with a range of platforms leading this commercial sphere. Due to this, we’ve created our systems in such a way that they can be instantly integrated with almost any e-commerce platform. Our fulfillment center is focused on efficient processes to create the best experience for our customers.

Outsourcing your logistics fulfillment services is a great way to improve your business. We have been perfecting our kitting processes, e-commerce fulfillment, and 3PL shipping and fulfillment processes for years and that is all we do! By automating your e-commerce product fulfillment and shipping process, you’ll be able to make the process of running a business even easier.

Scale your brand

Our order fulfillment services are built around helping small-businesses scale. Shipping, warehousing, eCommerce fulfillment, kitting, subscription box fulfillmen and whatever else you need. Offer 2-day shipping to your customers and save time and money on shipping.
Pre-built integrations
Stay with what you already know. Pre-built integrations for Shopify, Woo Commerce, Big Commerce, Amazon, Squarespace, Magento, Ebay, Wal-mart, ShipStation, Shiphero, Etsy and more.
Inventory management
Know what’s in stock in real time - track inventory quantities across your channels and warehouses from one location. Use views to quickly see what products are available, running low, or awaiting to be replenished.
24/7 monitoring
View sales, orders and real-time inventory directly from your dashboard. Manage everything from receiving, shipping, creating new manual orders, returns and for your customers.  
Branded packaging
We understand how important your brand is to you, which is why we offer complete customization when it comes to packaging your products. Whether you have a specific box design in mind or want to include aspects within the package, we’ll be able to get the job done.

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Whether you’re an e-commerce store on Shopify, selling products through Amazon or a retail store looking to outsource order fulfillment. Selery's warehouses are tailored to meet your businesses unique needs.