Selery helps Magento store owners save time and money with cost-efficient same-day Magento order fulfillment. Our high quality same-day 3PL solution makes Magento fulfillment so easy with Selery Fulfillment Services.

Magento order fulfillment.

Selery helps Magento store owners save time and money with cost-efficient same-day Magento order fulfillment. Our high quality same-day 3PL solution makes Magento fulfillment so easy with Selery Fulfillment Services.

Warehousing and order fulfillment made for eCommerce brands.

Save thousands

Save thousands of dollars every month by removing the inconveniences and costs of warehouse space, shipping and labor.

99.96% Accuracy

Improve transit times, shipping costs, and the delivery experience for your customers. Plus you can track the entire order fulfillment process in real-time from your dashboard.

Premier service

White glove customer service. One dedicated representative, live chat, phone support, weekly sales and inventory reports.

Kitting and bundling

Multi-packs, club packs, FBA prep, promotional kits and just kitting for the heck of it. All with your companies branding.

Same-day fulfillment

Personalized, convenient  and same-day multi-channel order fulfillment. Our fulfillment centers are located in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, and all completed orders will be shipped out within 24 hours.

Real-time inventory

Know what’s in stock in real time - track inventory quantities across your channels and warehouses from one location. Use views to quickly see what products are available, running low, or awaiting to be replenished.

"They have truly exceeded all expectations."

Carter, Ecommerce business owner

Warehousing and storage

Store your products whenever and wherever you want. If you're storing 5 or 50,000 pallets, don't worry, Selery's warehouse network can handle it. Send your product to our warehouse and we will store it for shipment as soon as it is ordered. A comprehensive solution built to support your storage and omni-channel fulfillment needs. Only pay for the space you use.

Same-day order fulfillment

The minute you receive an order, we get to work - making sure your shipment is picked, packed, and shipped to your exact specifications. We work closely with our customers for custom packaging requirements. It's your brand on the box, not ours.

Kitting and assembly

Selery's advanced fulfillment capabilities help you save money and manage inventory throughout the kitting cycle.

Virtual kitting, bundle packaging, subscription box kitting and shrink wrap. Retail-ready product and display builds. Labeling, tamper seal labeling and ticketing. Stage and cross-dock shipments.

Custom branding and packaging

Custom packaging, inserts, samples, invoices and labels.

Real-time inventory

Know what’s in stock in real time - track inventory quantities across your channels and warehouses from one location. Use views to quickly see what products are available, running low, or awaiting to be replenished.

Seamless integrations

We make your life easy by integrating everything for you. Stay with what you already know. Pre-built integrations for Shopify, Woo Commerce, Big Commerce, Amazon, Squarespace, Magento, Ebay, Wal-mart, ShipStation, Shiphero, Etsy and more.

Most fulfillment centers will require you to use their order management and inventory software, and if you ever decide to leave, you can't take that software with you. We allow you to mix-and-match with the software and order management service that best suits you. Selery can also help you integrate custom APIs.


Reverse logistics have never be easier. Our dedicated returns team processes returned shipments daily to ensure that your customers receive their refund as quickly as possible.

LTL freight

Don't have time to compare thousands of quotes from different LTL carriers. We'll setup and book the most cost-efficient carrier for you using our negotiated rates.

Subscription box fulfillment

Selery offers customized subscription box fulfillment services that accommodate a variety of products, order types and volume fluctuations. Increase your bottom line with Selery's shipping, packaging, and kitting.

Dedicated account manager

Enjoy our white-glove customer service. Get a dedicated account manager who knows you and your business.


When your store receives an order, Selery gets to work and will pick, pack, and ship your product. You can easily track the entire order fulfillment process in real-time from your dashboard.


Use Selery’s Magento Order Fulfillment Process to Improve Delivery Times

Magento Fulfillment

Every single Magento fulfillment order that comes into our system is processed within 24 hours. No matter whether the order comes in during the day or in the middle of the night, it will be picked, packaged, and on its way to the customer in under 24 hours.

Our warehouse speed, combined with our designated shipping routes and carriers, ensures that Selery Fulfillmentcan improve your delivery times and keep your customers happy. That’s not to mention the stress-relief that businesses owners get when they no longer have to package hundreds of orders by themselves.

With faster delivery speeds and more time to focus on your business, Selery is the ultimate Magento order fulfillment service.

We will Manage your Order Fulfillment

Our Magento Order Fulfillment processes are the fastest and most efficient way to ship orders around the United States of America. With a detailed verification process to make sure your customer’s order is correct to using custom packaging and providing reduced-rate shipping, we take care of every step.

Whenever your Magento account alerts us about an order, our integrated system will spring to life, making sure our staff are already on their way towards the shelves. Without lifting a finger, you’ll know that Selery has you covered.

We break our order fulfillment process into four central steps:

Let’s break these down further.

Receive Orders

The connection between Magento and the Selery systems will ensure that whenever you get an order on your eCommerce platform, we’ll receive a detailed summary of everything that customer has ordered. Coming with a shipping address, as well as an itemized list of everything that your customer has ordered, we’ll be able to get to work as soon as they hit buy.

This speedy reception makes us the fastest logistics fulfillment service in the nation, with our staff getting to work the moment an order comes in through your Magento site. 

Pick Items

Once your customer’s order is in our system, our expertly-trained team will spring into action, mobilizing to find and select all of the ordered products. Our team goes through a strict verification process with the packages, making sure that your customers are getting the right order.

Our storage system ensures that all of your products are labeled on our shelves, with our tracking system alerting you if your stores are ever running low. As orders come in and are picked off the shelves, we’ll automatically update your stock numbers. Once they get near zero, you’ll get an update and a prompt to send us more of that item.

With Selery, your customers will never have to face a ‘Sold Out’ message again.

Pack Items

After selecting the products from our shelves and verifying that they’re correct, we move them into the packaging bay. Within this area, our team takes care to package your products in line with the specifications that you’ve given us.

From using your customized shipping boxes to including any leaflets or promotional materials that you want to include, we’ll make sure everything is up to the highest standards. Once all of the items within the order placed are packaged, we’ll do one final check to ensure everything is right where it should be.

Our thorough process is the reason behind our incredible accuracy rates. With Selery, you can rest assured knowing that your customers will be getting exactly what they ordered.

Deliver Items

When working independently, business owners often have to pay large fees on shipping, especially in bulk. Over our years of providing logistics solutions, we’ve had the pleasure of building up close relationships with some of the State’s largest shipping networks.

From USPS and DHL to UPS and FedEx, our partnerships are in place to save you money on every order that’s in transit. When partnering with Selery on your Magento order fulfillment, you’ll be able to make use of our lower rates for shipping, ensuring that you can save on logistics.

What’s more, with extensive transit networks across Texas and beyond, we’ll be able to get your packages anywhere in the States in record-breaking times. Nothing makes a customer happier than getting their order way before they expected. 

After moving through these four steps, your customer’s order will have successfully passed from your Magento eCommerce shop to our warehouse, through our processing facility, and along our transit lines directly to their door. When looking for expert-quality Magento order fulfillment, working with Selery couldn’t be easier.

If your customers ever need to manage a return, we also offer a process for them to send their parcel back to us. Once the return has arrived at our facility, we’ll send an email to your business within 48 hours, letting you know the problem with the order and the quality of the items received back. Depending on this quality, we’ll either discard the product or set it back on the shelves, ready for a new order.

Magento Inventory Management Process

Our inventory manager is a personalized portal that all of our partners get access to once they partner with Selery. Within this site, you’ll be able to get detailed statistics about all of the products that you list on your Magento store and have sent over to us. 

With a flawless communication integration between your store and our warehouse, the stock inventory quantities will always be updated as soon as an order is placed. No matter what time of day the order comes in, our inventory management process will ensure that you can access our portal and see exactly how much of each product you have left.

These statistics will also help you see exactly which products are becoming top sellers and which are sitting on the shelves a little longer than expected. If a product is selling quickly and stock is running low, you’ll get an automatic update that asks you to send more of that product to us.

With this system in place, you’ll always know exactly how your inventory is doing. Want to see for yourself? You can even come down to our facilities and take a look at the storage of your own stock. Just send us an email, and we’ll organize a trip for you as soon as possible.

Magento Order Fulfillment Services

Best Magento Shipping Services in the Industry

We balance our years of industry experience with a top-notch on-the-ground team to give our partners the best possible shipping service. We leverage our expertise to provide a comprehensive system, with every possible point already thought of and developed into our process.

No matter if you’re shipping to the West or East coast, our network of shipping providers will make sure that your package gets to your customers as quickly as possible. What’s more, due to our close partnership with America’s largest logistics companies, we’re able to get your package wherever it needs to go for considerably less than our competitors.

Our tried and tested system makes us the best Magento fulfillment company in the States. With fast shipping, live inventory portals, speedy picking and packaging, and a flawless quality control segment carried out on every order; your Magento fulfillment is safe in our hands.

Real-Time Magento Order Tracking and Management

Once an order comes in, our automated API system will generate an order number that is associated with all of the products within that particular sale. This number is then published to both your Magento order system and our fulfillment service portal, helping you keep track of every order that comes in.

This automated process continues throughout the whole journey of your customer’s order. Each of the products off the shelves is documented, providing a detailed trail that you can follow to get more information on your order. Once we arrive at the packaging section, your box is given a shipping label that’s printed and stuck on to the product. 

From there, we’ll scan the box and update all of its information directly onto our portal. With information about which shipping service has the box, where they are in the States, and an estimated time of arrival, you’ll have everything you need to know.

Additionally, your Magento store customers can enter the tracking number we send over to them into any postal service system to get a detailed history of the box’s transit. With updates on which facility the package is in, where it’s currently located, and where it’s been, they’ll have a detailed understanding of the path their package has taken to arrive.

The best part of our Magento fulfillment solution is that you don’t have to lift a finger. From picking the products and shipping them to the customer, you won’t need to do a thing. With 24-hour turnaround times and lightning-fast shipping, we’ll get your customer their order in a matter of days. 

Magento Integration to our Shipping Software

With direct integration between Magento and our personalized shipping software, you’ll be able to open our user dashboard and quickly find out where your customers' parcels are. Due to our scannable shipping labels, we make sure that your products are updated on the system as soon as they reach a new phase.

No matter what the product is, Selery partners will have access to knowledge of its location at all times. From sitting in the warehouse to hurtling down the highway, you’ll be the very first person to know. 

Magento 3PL Fulfillment

Magento Third-Party Logistics is a service that can help your business grow, outsource the packaging and shipping portions of your business to free up your own schedule.

We even provide scalability services, allowing you to change the amount of space you want to use within our warehouse depending on your current order volume. Our flexible plans ensure that we cover all of the bases. Whether you’re a company that expects to ship under 500 boxes a month or one that’s aiming to break into the five-figure amount for boxes shipped in a month, we’ve got something for you.

What’s more, our Magento 3PL services allow you to select the format of storage that you’d like for your products. Depending on the type of products that you sell, you can choose a large bin container or a pallet, providing the perfect solution for your products. We even produce climate-controlled storage, so you know that your products will always be kept at their optimal storage temperatures.

Our Magento 3PL solutions beat out our competition, with same-day fulfillment, meaning that your customers will get their packages faster with Selery than with any other logistics service. With a premier level of service, we’ll be with you every step of the way. If you have any questions, just reach out to our team of customer support experts, where someone will help you out.

Best Magento Warehousing and Fulfillment

One of the common complaints that other 3PL services receive is that the service is impersonal, not understanding the importance of the business they’re partnering with. Knowing this, we do everything we can to make sure that you have the best possible experience when searching for a Magento shipping partner.

Going beyond just a typical Magento fulfillment service, we offer a dedicated representative that will learn everything there is to know about your business. From the niche you work within to specifics about products you sell, even extending to your company’s ethos and branding, they’ll become an expert around your business.

This representative will be your go-to person within Selery. Whenever you have a question, whether it be about your business’ remaining stock or how an element of Selery works, they’ll be ready to answer anything you throw their way. We put our partners first at Selery, making sure that you have the best 3PL fulfillment experience possible.

Contact us to learn more about our Magento Order Fulfillment Services.

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