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What Can a Great Subscription Box Fulfillment Company Do for Your Business?

From liberating your time to ensuring that your customers never get a late delivery again, the best subscription box fulfillment companies can provide an invaluable service to your business.

What Can a Great Subscription Box Fulfillment Company Do for Your Business?

From liberating your time to ensuring that your customers never get a late delivery again, the best subscription box fulfillment companies can provide an invaluable service to your business.

In this article, we’ll be breaking down how subscription fulfillment works, covering the following points:

  • What is subscription fulfillment
  • Top 3 reasons for outsourcing fulfillment
  • How to know it’s time to switch to outsourced fulfillment
  • How Selery Fulfillment works
  • Integrating Selery with eCommerce platforms
  • Selery’s Pricing
  • Why Selery is a cut above other fulfillment businesses

Let’s jump right into it.

What is Subscription Fulfillment?

In general, subscription boxes are monthly packages that businesses send out to their paying customers. These boxes are usually centered around a specific theme and filled with items or merchandise that relates to that topic.

Subscription fulfillment is where these boxes are picked, packaged, and assembled by a third party. This subscription box fulfillment center will collect all of the products that you want to be sent each month from their warehouse, then take care of the packaging and shipping.

The logistics element of this monthly operation will be managed by a subscription box fulfillment center. In short, opting for one of these services allows you to take the shipping off your hands, making sure that you have more time for running and scaling your business. 

What are the top 3 reasons for outsourcing your subscription box fulfillment?

The best subscription box fulfillment companies have comprehensive warehouses that will be able to efficiently take care of the whole logistics process for you. Instead of having to package every single individual box yourself, you’ll simply be able to hand the process over to them. 

But that’s not the only benefit you’ll receive from using a subscription box fulfillment service. You’ll also be ensuring that:

  • Deliveries are on time
  • Quality control is maintained
  • You free up your schedule

Let’s break these down even further.

Deliveries are on time

With a subscription box fulfillment service, their whole purpose is to ensure that your customers get the box they ordered as quickly as possible. If you want your parcels to arrive on a certain day every month, then you’ll be able to communicate with these services and make sure your boxes get there on time.

Especially when you’re dealing with a lot of orders in a single month, you may feel overwhelmed with managing to pack and send them all. Delays in your packaging process will lead to delays in arrival dates, further leading to unhappy customers.

By using a subscription box fulfillment service, you don’t run this risk, always ensuring that your boxes arrive on time. With this, your customers will always know when their box will arrive and can happily enjoy the service you’ve created.

Quality Control

Everyone makes mistakes; it’s just a fact of life. However, when you’re packaging hundreds or potentially thousands of boxes yourself, there’s likely to be a few more mistakes than usual. Although humans make errors, missing products from a subscription box that your customers are paying for isn’t acceptable.

If a customer opens their package to find elements of the monthly box missing, they’re going to be incredibly disappointed with your service. Not only will this lead to more refunds being requested, but you’ll also lose customer loyalty and reduce your overall customer lifetime value.

When working through a subscription box fulfillment service, there are layers of quality insurance in place to ensure mistakes like these don’t happen. With incredibly high accuracy ratings, the best subscription box fulfillment companies offer near-flawless quality control.

With a mixture of human and technology-based quality assurance layers in place, by using a subscription box fulfillment center, you’re much less likely to deliver a box that’s missing a product. Doing this will keep your customers happy and ensure they return to your product month after month.

Time Freedom

Even if you’re the most efficient packager in the world, every box you package and ship takes time. As the number of orders you receive increases, so will the amount of time that packaging all of your subscription boxes takes you.

Especially if you want to focus on scaling your business and acquiring new customers, all of this time packaging fast converts itself into a burden. However, if you hire a third-party fulfillment center to do this for you, you’ll suddenly free up your working hours immensely.

Instead of spending hours a day crafting your boxes, you can now focus entirely on making the product even better. From sourcing better items that you can put in the box to developing new marketing strategies, there are so many ways that you can better manage your time.

When running a business, you don’t want to be bogged down. Liberate your working hours by outsourcing the most laborious part of your monthly box product to the best subscription box fulfillment company in your area. 

When do you know if you should be outsourcing?

After reading those benefits, you may be wondering at what moment you should consider making the switch to an outsourced fulfillment center. Typically, there are two key signs that you may be ready to make the jump. Those are:

  • You’re feeling a sense of time pressure or can’t keep up with sales
  • You want your business to generate passive income

But what exactly do these mean?

You spend more time packaging than working on your business 

If your day is full of packaging box after box, you don’t have much time to actually work on your business. If you’re getting overwhelmed with packaging and shipping, outsource these aspects of your business to free up your day. With this, you can put growing your business first, never having to worry about packaging again. 

You want your business to make passive income 

One of the best parts of running a business is the passive income it can generate. By moving towards a subscription box fulfillment center, you’ll be automating a large portion of your business. Instead of having to exchange your own time to package and ship, you’ll be outsourcing this aspect. Due to this, when an order comes in, you’ll be making passive income as you don’t have to lift a finger.

If either one of these reasons appeals to you, then we recommend taking a look at the best subscription box fulfillment company to outsource this work to.

How Does Selery’s Subscription Box Fulfillment Work?

Over years of industry experience and hundreds of satisfied businesses, we’ve refined our subscription box fulfillment strategy down to perfection. There are six steps to how we operate, managing the whole logistics portion of your business so that you don’t have to.

These steps are as follows:

  1. Send Your Products
  2. Receiving and Unloading
  3. Storage
  4. Receiving an Order and Picking
  5. Packaging
  6. Shipping and Returns

Let’s break these down further.

One - Sending Products

Selery’s subscription box fulfillment center is located in Texas. From here, we have easy transport access lines to all of the country, making shipping a breeze. 

The first step once we’ve entered into a partnership is for you to send your products over to us. You’ll need to include everything you want to put into your subscription box so that we can pick all of it when the time comes and neatly package your products.

Two - Receive Products

Once your products have arrived at our facilities, we’ll unload them and transport them inside our fulfillment center. From there, we’ll electronically tag all of your products, making sure you can find them at all times via our online portal. 

We’ll then place your products in your designated site within our warehouse, making sure they’re easily accessible to our team of expert pickers and packers.

Three - Storage

All of our fulfillment centers are ambient controlled, ensuring that your products are stored in optimal conditions.

No matter what your subscription box includes, we’ll be able to accommodate with ease.

Four - Order Received and Picking

Once you receive an order, we’ll automatically get updated, getting to work right away. We’ll receive a detailed breakdown summary of what items are included in the subscription box that they’ve ordered, as well as the date when it should be delivered.

Once the date is approaching, our expert team will then move through the warehouse, picking the products and assembling them in one location for our packaging team to take care of.

Five - Packaging

Once all of the box’s products are in one location, we’ll then begin to package them into your custom boxes. At this stage, we also allow you to request to add leaflets or stickers completely for free, customizing your product to an even greater extent.

All of the boxes are checked both by our fulfillment technology and our team of experts to ensure complete quality assurance has been upheld.

Six - Shipping and Returns 

Once your subscription box is ready to go, we’ll print and stick on the correct shipping label for your customer. Again, at this stage, our quality assurance team works diligently to ensure that every box has the correct address attached.

Next, we load the products onto one of our shipment partners’ vehicles and watch as they head on to their final destination!

In record time, your subscription boxes will arrive at your customers’ houses, keeping them happy and letting them enjoy their products exactly when they expected. 

If for any reason your customers want to return their box, we’ll also manage the return, with the box being sent back to our facility. Once there, we’ll conduct assurance on the products to see if they can be reused. If they can, we’ll replace them exactly where they belong.

In these six simple steps, we cover the whole logistics process.

What if I’m using an eCommerce Platform?

Always a cut above the competition, Selery has always had eCommerce in mind. Due to our history of working with subscription box businesses, we’ve developed a huge list of pre-built integrations that work with the majority of eCommerce platforms.

From Shopify and WooCommerce to QVC and CrateJoy, we’ve got a huge range of integrations that you can take advantage of. You’ll simply be able to select the eCommerce platform that you’re working through and then set up a direct integration with our services.

Once finished, every time you get a new order, we’ll then instantly receive all of the necessary information. You won’t have to lift a finger!

How Does Selery Pricing Work?

At Selery, we know that not every single business starts in the same place. While one subscription box may be running 10,000 boxes + a month, another may be moving anywhere from 0-500. That’s why we’ve designed a customizable payment system, allowing you to get the very best deal based on the number of boxes you’re selling a month.

With further customizable options for different types of storage, you’ll be able to find the perfect pricing system for you. If you want to discuss this further, simply reach out to one of our experts to get more information.

Why Is Selery one of the Best Subscription Box Fulfillment Companies for You? 

Alongside saving yourself time, by partnering with Selery, we endeavor to save your business as much as we can while delivering an unrivaled shipping service. We offer the following benefits to our customers:

  • Incredible Accuracy - With 99.96% all-time accuracy, we’re the best option out there when it comes to delivering your products exactly as you like.

  • Shipping Partners - We partner with the largest shipping services in America, getting you unbeatable shipping rates and speeds.

  • Custom Account Manager - We assign all of our projects an accounts manager that will be your port of call 24/7.

  • Same-Day Fulfillment - When you get an order, we get to work that very same hour.

  • Premium Service - No other subscription box fulfillment service offers the same level of quality white-glove customer service and order fulfillment. 

With real-time inventories, customizable pricing plans, custom packaging, and a commitment to all of our partners, Selery is the solution to all of your logistics needs.

Final Thoughts

Looking to see how Selery can help your business? Why not get in contact with our team today to get a customized quote for your subscription box service.

With years of expert experience, we’ll help you transform the way you do business.

Why Selery?

  • Same day fulfillment
  • Offer 2-day shipping
  • Account rep