Wednesday, August 4, 2021

The Benefits of Shopify for E-Commerce Fulfillment

Whether selling a single product or a handful of products, using Shopify and the advanced Shopify homepage section can ultimately increases your ROI and boost your business revenue.

E-commerce has entirely changed the health and beauty industry. Our common Brick-and-mortar stores are quickly taking a backseat to having a solid presence online. WARC  is forecasting an increased shift to e-commerce and online sales and the current COVID-19 pandemic is only driving that shift even quicker. This has resulted in a need to develop e-commerce stores that reflect a blend between visual appeal and functionality. Some of the more popular e-commerce platforms are Magento, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, OpenCart, and BigCommerce. Along side these is Shopify. Shopify is an excellent choice for sellers who want a quality site along with a simplified interface and rich features.


Shopify is great for?

Shopify is great solution for the e-commerce stores that sell goods or services that need a minimal amount of configuration. Whether selling a single product or a handful of products, using Shopify and the advanced Shopify homepage section can ultimately increases your ROI and boost your business revenue.


What are the benefits of using Shopify to create an online health and beauty store for your business?

1. Setup and Use is EASY

Shopify is a straight forward platform for a complete solution to your online needs. Shopify itself offers the hosting and software that is  needed for launching the website. The admin interface is very user friendly with all the helps needed to launch your site.

2. Curb Appeal

With a variety of templates to choose from, it is just a few clicks away from making your dreams a reality. Choose a theme that fits the exact needs and specifications of your endeavor that make your dream website a reality. Partner with designers and developers that can work on it to create a store with rich UI (User Interface) and professional UX (User Experience).

3. Integration of Apps

Extra features and functionalities are just a few clicks away to enhance the overall value of your e-commerce store. Shopify boasts some amazing customization abilities as it can be easily integrated with a variety of apps.

4. Security and Reliability

Another benefit of Shopify is the security and reliability it offers. Security is paramount for an online business because it deals with confidential information of customers. These requirements are continually nurtured through both maintenance and upgrades to provide the best overall experience for the host and user.

5. Loading Speed is Essential

The loading speed is a very important aspect that often gets overlooked by the novice e-commerce store owner. Shopify has a reliable infrastructure along with optimized hardware and software that helps provide the platform a quick loading speed and the products made on it load in a matter of seconds.

6. Powerful Marketing Tools

Shopify offers a marketing edge too with SEO features and advanced e-commerce analytics. It also offers more marketing tools such as custom discount coupons, gift cards, store statistics, strategic email marketing and  much more.

7. Outstanding Customer Support

Providing easily accessible, round the clock customer support can be crucial to the overall customer experience. Real life Shopify experts are always available via email, live chat, or phone to resolve any queries and keep the store running flawlessly all the time.

9. Easy Payment

The payment services that are offered can be a huge advantage to any e-commerce store and Shopify offers many reliable payment gateways. A bevy of payment options should be provided to customers that will enhance their overall user experience and Shopfiy has jus that. Store owners are provided the opportunity to offer their potential customers any payment option they desire with minimal to no transactional fees to the user or the seller.

10. SEO is KEY

Making the store easily accessible to customers is a key component to the overall success of any e-commerce store. If the customer is unable to find your store and/or the products they desire the overall effectiveness of the website is reduced. A landing page is crucial in the overall effectiveness of a website and Shopfiy can help propel your site to the top. Recognition is key and in order to be found you must be findable.


Make a Good Decision Better

The use of Shopify can make your decision to create and e-commerce store better with minimal effort and maximum effectiveness. Don’t bog yourself down in areas that you don’t know much about. The success of your business can be impacted by the choices you make when you create your store. Make smart decisions and work with Shopify and developers that know how to make your store standout.

We all have our strengths that help us standout from the rest. Knowing ones strengths is important but asking for help in areas that are less familiar is important to the overall success of your business. Selery Fulfillment will help fill that void and get your e-commerce business to the top. Our business exists to complement and serve yours. The better your brand does the better we do as well and we strive to make you r user experience stand out from the rest!

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